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I Quit Working to Resell Full-Time

I Quit Working to Resell Full-Time

Working for someone else sucks, I was beyond fed up with working 60 hour weeks for little over $10 an hour. My so-called manager forbid me from taking my daughter to a doctors appointment, then got on my case all day. He started talking that smack so I told them peace out and went home to my wife and children.

I decided I was just gonna hustle I had been selling on eBay since 2010 and more recently, I finally started selling through Fufilled by Amazon in February of 2017. I always been flipping stuff for profit since I was like 14, and I always loved the feeling of selling something.

Anyways, as of writing this I have been self-employed for almost 3 weeks, and I’m not looking back. I will be posting updates on my quest to feed my family while also being able to spend quality time on them, as well as ideas and tips that I learn along the way.

Expect this blog to include not only my story and journey, but many resources for full-time and part-time hustlers.