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An Open Letter to Thrift Stores (Mainly Goodwill)

Dear Thrift Store,

The reason people come to you are to get a good deal on a secondhand item and hunt for hidden treasure. I understand that you get jealous when somebody makes hundreds of dollars on an item you’re selling for $10, but remember you got that inventory for free.

Your stores are often smelly and in disarray, and hunting for the treasures requires battling old folks, unruly children and greedy self-loathing re-sellers who shoot you dirty looks when you spot something before they do.. You are not an upscale boutique, you are essentially a dump for people to get rid of their stuff without feeling guilty.

Why do you hate your customers? How dare you charge $150 for some old tin cars because you found a similar listing, with a similarly ridiculous asking price, somewhere on eBay.. How dare you charge above retail for that damaged, incomplete and untested Playstation.

Yes, people like me are in your stores trying to make money, but in the case of the biggest of you, Goodwill, isn’t your supposed mission statement to put people to work? Why do re-sellers not count. For many of the people in your stores this is our job.

The moral of the story is; if you want to be a thrift store and sell inventory you acquire for free, then act like it.. If you want to be some kind of over-priced, trendy, hipster boutique then you need to upgrade your stores to look the part.. and good luck getting those donations.

What? You say “Pawn shops do the same thing!” Really? Well guess what bud! Pawn shops pay for their inventory, and often it’s stuff they didn’t really want to sell, they are much happier when poor people get stuck in never-ending loan cycles.

Sure, it’s your right to gouge your customers, but if you were intelligent enough to realize it’s to your detriment, you would fire those managers who spend all day over-appraising someone’s trash. They would probably rather be re-sellers anyways.