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Clink Savings “Investing” App is a SCAM

Just like to let the internet know to avoid this app at all costs, it has a horrible layout, the balance is never correct, there’s zero transaction history and worst of all if you pause your “automatic savings”, 2 months later they’ll automatically resume. Furthermore those unauthorized savings will never even show up in your account!

So they’re either out and out thieves or just facilitate thievery, either way the app is trash and I would not trust them with a penny of my money.. Now I have to call them and my bank over four $5 transactions.

A similar app that is actually reputable and user-friendly is called Acorns, definitely check out Acorns. If you want a little more control over where your money is invested then get Stash, another company I’m really satisfied with. If you want to try trading stocks for real, with no commission, fees, or minimums then DEFINITELY check out Robin Hood.

There are a lot of ways to make money online, a lot of sites and apps are legit, others are scams or just out-right trash… and Clink, is trash!