Journal Entry #1

I am a member of quite a few re-seller groups on Facebook, I’ve also been banned from a few as well, and I have been noticing how much people complain about customers, platforms, etc.

Lately their complaints have been about slow sales. This is perplexing because while my sales may not be making me rich I am averaging over $100 every day.. again not much but a lot more than I was used to while I was working full time.

I understand this business is hard work but I think they are letting doubt get to them, and they’re not keeping up with the market. You really need to stay positive and keep moving, keep learning, to succeed in anything, especially as an entrepreneur.

I have my times of self-doubt but whenever I challenge those thoughts I end up making money. I buy, list, sell; repeat, or I spend some time with my family… or I relax.. or I deliver for UberEATS.. I’ll go donate plasma to make some money if I have to. I try not to be negative even though it’s hard sometimes. A positive outlook is a major key to success of any kind.

Weekly Earnings Log [05/01/17 – 05/07/17]


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